Keep Your Property Protected

We install home surveillance systems in the Birmingham, AL area

Does the thought of who might be lurking around your house keep you awake at night? Smart Homes of Alabama LLC installs home surveillance systems so you can keep an eye on the exterior. We install home security systems that feature 90-degree cameras. That way, there isn’t an area of your home that can’t be monitored. We’ll make it easy for you to observe your:

  • Interior
  • Front yard
  • Backyard
  • Windows
  • Driveway

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can see every corner of your Birmingham area property. Call 205-541-9474 today to schedule an estimate on a home surveillance system.

Our systems can provide facial recognition

We also install home surveillance systems with facial recognition capabilities. That way, when an intruder enters your property, you’ll get a photo of the perpetrator’s face that can be used to identify him. We also install license plate cameras for HOAs.

Our systems include a five-year warranty on the hard drive, a three-year warranty on the hardware and a one-year warranty on labor. Contact Smart Homes of Alabama today to get a surveillance system for your home.